Best Bet Builder sites in the UK

Although online betting has significantly changed the market, for a long time sports bettors were rather discouraged as they couldn’t combine different scenarios of the same game in a single sports bet. Luckily, punters can now put together their own combos via a Bet Builder.

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Why these bookies are the best ones for building a bet

We’re delighted to see how Bet Builder bookies put online punters in complete control by allowing you to create your own bet. Do bear in mind that they are quite some Bet Builder bookies on the Internet that pretty much offer similar services, therefore making it a bit difficult to pick the right Bet Builder site and create the perfect bet. At we recommend you to always shop around for the best deal before deciding who to bet with.

The best UK Bet Builders: our pick for 2020

In order to get you going, we have included a carefully selected list of the best Bet Builders in the UK taking into account both the bookmaker’s reputation and promotions for UK based sports bettors. This results in our following 3 picks for 2020:

Why Bet Builder?

To be able to create and build your own bet has pretty much become the standard amongst online bookies nowadays. Initially, this way of betting was done by contacting your preferred bookmaker, submitting your selections and subsequently waiting for a (reasonable) price. Although this did make tailor-made bets possible, it was pretty time-consuming. Ever since the Bet Builder was introduced in January 2018, it has been possible to automate these features. In fact, the Bet Builder has completely taken over, particularly in football betting.

To illustrate this:

Formerly, multiple selections of the same game weren’t allowed as it wasn’t possible to put them into an accumulator as one outcome would directly affect the other. Let’s say that back in the days combining two 2/1 shots into a double would lead to an odd of 8/1, but during the same game Mohamed Salah gets 2/1 to score at any time and Liverpool are 2/1 to win the game, meaning you wouldn’t get 8/1 in return for combining the bets — as Salah scoring would impact the other bet predicting Liverpool’s win.

An odds builder, however, takes into account the direct impact that one scenario has on another and gives bettors a fair price.

What is a Bet Builder?

Bet builders can basically be considered fully automated versions of requests meaning you will no longer have to contact the online bookmaker (by either email, live chat, phone or social media) specifying all the markets you want to combine in your bet. While the traditional odds request facility can still turn out very practical, the disadvantage is that following this approach takes a lot of time and that you’ll also have to wait for a final reply.

Skip the middleman

For a small selection of sports, you can now skip the middleman and create your own bets automatically, saving you time and giving you chances to combine different markets. There are more and more builder sites that offer these features, but the main principles of all Bet Builders are pretty much the same: they’re all there to facilitate your sports bet.

How does Bet Builder work?

This also means the steps to make your bet are fairly easy, adding up to the following:

  1. Pick your Bet Builder: all you’ll need to do is go to the site of your favourite Bet Builder.
  2. Pick your game: you will then encounter a large number of sport events to choose from, this availability obviously depends on the sports calendar.
  3. Build your bet: once you’ve found what you’re looking you are ready to build your very own sports bet. You will have many markets to choose from. Markets are the elements you can bet on: such as the winner, but also the number of goals.
  • Analyse your odds: upon choosing all the selections you want to bet on, you will be shown the odds which will be instantly calculated. Do these odds add up to your budget and betting goals? Then go ahead, enter your stake, and place the bet.

To illustrate this:

To give you a better idea of the most frequent markets you can pick from, we provide you with a specific example for a football-related bet:

Usually, you can make up to 6 selections to build your own bet. You can thereby pick from a wide range of markets, including elements like:

  • Score (both half time and full time).
  • Both sport teams to score.
  • Number of goals scored.
  • Players to Score (any, first player, last player, 2 or more goals, 3 or more goals)
  • Corners.
  • Cards (yellow, red, total amount of cards, players that get booked).
  • Teams to win, qualify or win a tournament.

Bear in mind that there may be some variations for each Bet Builder, but on the whole you’ll pretty much encounter the above steps and markets. Do note that some Bet Builder bookies offer more detailed options when it comes to player stats or game stats.

Which sports can I build my own bet on?

There are quite some UK betting sites out there that offer a Bet Builder function, with football clearly being the most commonly seen sport. Very much to our delight, some bookies now go as far as other popular sports as basketball and tennis. We expect this offer to continue.

  • Football: when talking about football, the standard markets like the final score and anytime goalscorer are clearly a lot of fun, but the Bet Builder sites that really stand out offer a lot more markets than their main competitors.
  • Tennis: a proper tennis Bet Builder will allow you to build your pre-match bets on pretty much any tennis match coming up in the calendar.
  • Basketball: this sport is actually very player stat-oriented. It is therefore very common for punters to wager on markets as player’s points, assists, and rebounds.
  • American Football: make your pick out of player stats and include and customise selections such as the probability to Brady to throw 300+ passing yards.
  • Volleyball: it should be possible for volleyball bettors to combine the most popular markets in the same way as for other team sports like football and basketball.
  • Handball: this is actually one of the biggest sports in Europe. Handball is, therefore, gaining more and more space in the world of sports betting.
  • Snooker: betting on snooker offers bettors a great alternative way to make a profit while placing bets on a large number of markets on all major snooker tournaments.

Why should you build your own perfect bet?

It is needless to say that the biggest advantage of building your own sports bets is the extra amount of control you get. When betting on sports events you are looking for very specific markets to best suit your prediction of what you think will happen. As a real sports expert building bets give you the chance to mix and match your concepts. Some would say that building a bet makes you feel like you’re the one making the tactical decisions.

  • Yes, you’re in control: Bet Builders are simply very user-friendly engines that combine a series of bets together, exactly mirroring what you think will happen in a game. It’s for you to decide what market you bet on and to pick your winning combo.
  • Small stakes, large payouts: by combining various markets you can increase the odds to a large extent. This is one of the main reasons bettors make use of Bet Builders, as it allows you to (potentially) turn small stakes into a big payout.

Tips and tricks

Bet builder wagers are in fact a lot of fun to put together as you’re combining all the elements you feel comfortable with. Creating your own bet can make every element of a football match or tennis game extra exciting. We do want to urge, however, that you should always be very cautious and should avoid making selections just for the sake of it. Therefore:

  • Make sure your bets correlate: one of the first things to do is to make sure your sport bets actually correlate. For instance: there’s no point betting on Manchester United to beat Chelsea while betting on the latter to score 5 times. Of course, theoretically this would be possible, but we all know it is very unlikely to happen.
  • Stick to a few key bets: avoid adding too many markets when creating your bet. We would definitely recommend adding no more than 5 selections, ideally sticking to 3 or 4 markets. Adding too many markets will increase your potential profit, but will severely reduce the chances your built bet will win. In case you pick a lot of markets, always make sure they correlate.
  • Stand behind your bet: bet on what you believe in and don’t bet for the odds only. We’re all aware any improbable outcome will give your bigger wins, but always do try to find a balance between a fair odd and a fair bet. Come up with selections that actually reinforce your personal opinion of which sports team holds value in a certain game.
  • Know your markets: some would say that sports betting only depends on luck, but most of us will know that sport experts have more probability of making successful bets on the long term than those that don’t know a lot about the sport they’re betting on. Make sure you’re always aware of what’s going on with your favourite sports team. If Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez turn out to be injured, this will definitely affect Barcelona’s scoring chances. Ensure you’re always updated on your preferred sport.
  • Cash Out your bet: In order to be able to cash out, all of the selections in your bet must still have the chance of winning or the market must still be open. For example: if you bet on a goalscorer and during the game that market closes, you will not be able to get a cash out.